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Technical Capabilites:

  • HTML - Complex Or Simple Code Installation
  • PHP - Custom Coding, Scripts, Mods, Etc...
  • SQL - Database Construction & Management
  • Javascript - Custom code or script installations
  • AJAX - Custom code or script installations
  • Flash - Coding & Installation (not artwork)
  • CSS - Style Sheet creation, mods and installation

Typical Projects:

  • CMS - Content Management System Construction, Installation, Customization and Maintenance
  • RSS Feeds - All aspects of RSS feed creation, matching scripts, database integration, etc...
  • Review Sites - Custom coded fully functional review sites or installation and modification of existing scripts

Welcome to AdultCoder

I am known to many in the adult industry as Kojac, you may not have heard of me by name but you have probably seen my work many times before on adult websites. I have been coding sites, installing scripts and managing special projects for large and small adult businesses since 2006.

One thing you will find different about adultcoder compared to many other online solutions is that I actually code each and every line myself personally. Every line of code you buy from me is written by me. There are no 'rogue coder problems', no excuses, no headaches or delays. When you contact AdultCoder you are contacting me, when you hire adultcoder you are hiring me... and I take pride in making sure all of my work is completed even better than you hoped it could be.

I thank you for taking a moment to look over my site and to examine my portfolio of completed projects. You will find this website as easy to work with as the rest of my operations and I look forward to having the opportunity to discuss your next coding project with you.

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